Step 1: product selection

  • browse the list of categories by products or projects or use the search engine to find the right product,
  • with each product you will find detailed information,
  • after finding the product you are interested in, add it to your cart,
  • Once you have completed the list of desired products, go directly to the cart.


Step 2: contents of the cart

  • n the cart you will find exactly the chosen products and the quantity,
  • change the value in the quantity column to update the order,
  • or select the arrows at the top (to increase the quantity) or at the bottom to decrease them from the cart,
  • choose the form of delivery and payment that suits you,
  • f you have a discount voucher, enter it below to receive the discount,
  • confirm the selected options by clicking the "checkout" button.


Step 3: place an order

  • if you have an account in our store, enter your login information and click "login"
  • if you don't have an account, select the "register" option or skip the account creation by clicking "place order"; remember that registration will allow you to enjoy many privileges including:
    • view order status and purchase history
    • it is not necessary to re-enter data for subsequent purchases,
    • the possibility of receiving individual discounts and promotional coupons (eg BORMA Fidelity Card).
  • Step 1: PERSONAL INFORMATION - enter your name and contact details,
  • Step 2: ADDRESSES - to send the order to a different address, select "add new address" and provide relevant data,
  • Step 3: SHIPPING METHOD - select the available ones
  • Step 4: PAYMENT - select the available ones
  • enter any additional information on order processing in the "comments" field
  • after clicking on "Summary" you will see the complete set of information provided,
  • Step 5: PAYMENT - select the available ones then select 'ORDER'
  • clicking on the "ORDER" button confirms the purchase
  • remember to select 'terms of service'
  • you will receive a confirmation e-mail


Remember that registered customers can track the status of completed orders in their account.