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Eco-compatible finish for the treatment and active cleaning of furniture.

It respects the environment, workers health and protects user's health thanks to its water base, almost non-existent VOC content and iG PURE innovative technology.

Mobilack develops very high levels of protection against wear, abrasion and bacteria thanks to the controlled release of Silver ions.

High performance with the ease of use of a single component and self-regenerating protection.

By need or aim, Mobilack can be further improved in performances by adding its specific hardener,(two component).Hardener addition ratio is 10%.

Available in gloss levels: natural effect 5% - deep matt 10% - matt 30% - semiglossy 60% - glossy 90%.

Recommendations for application:

The product can be applied by Brush, Spray or Roller directly on sanded raw wood or on water-based or oil-based basecoats.

It can be applied on Borma Oil finishes as well, prior a proper sanding.

Approx yield: 10-14 m2/Lt.

Sanitizing waterbased Furniture lacquer



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