Wood Oils

A range of interior and exterior wood oils suitable for any project and wood type. Includes traditional wood oils, Hardwax oils, wood oils with UV filters and more.


The art of perfection. A range of high value products, maximum ease of application, the heart of Borma technical history, developed with the total preference for raw materials of high quality and absolute safety for the user.

Wood Waxes

A versatile range of water and solvent-based wood stains for floors, furniture, decking and more. Choose from a range of popular wood tones to more exotic hues.


To clean antique wood and to keep it alive you need to do it right, using Borma Wachs wood cleaning products.

Wood Fillers

Borma Wachs offers you a variety of wood fillers to repair cracks and rebuild parts of surfaces or wood structures both internally and externally.

Dyes and Woodstains

Borma Wachs products protect the wood and preserve it over time with its impregnating paints to make the wood durable.

Paints/Enamels for wood

Borma Wachs paints and enamels for wood give new life to furniture and accessories, they also make it possible to make new doors and fixtures.


Borma Wachs sells wood restoration products. We supply the best wood treatment products from small to large distributors.


Ornamental decoration process on various materials and with different techniques to embellish an object by applying a very thin layer of gold ("gold leaf").


Borma Wachs allows you to customize your furniture, recreating with paint a shade that you like best, with specific products to treat the surface of the wood.

Wood lacquers/varnish

Borma Wachs offers various ideal painting solutions for wood, with the highest quality, for all your protection and durability needs.

Preservatives for Wood


Strippers, Special cleaners, Solvents

Pigments and Dyes

Wood is subject to attack by various agents and organisms. To increase its durability it is necessary to perform preservative and preservative treatments with Borma Wachs products.